Embracing the Power of Hard Soap Bars for Your Accommodation


At Soap Aid, our unwavering commitment lies in saving the lives of children and adults in Australia and around the world while preserving the environment. We achieve this by advocating for the use of solid soap bars as the ultimate sustainable choice for your accommodation. Hard soap bars have a lower environmental impact than liquid soaps and offer superior health benefits and cost advantages. Let us delve into the numerous reasons why choosing hard soap for your establishment is a smart and ethical choice.

Environmental impact:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Studies have shown that hard soap leaves a 25% smaller carbon footprint than liquid soap. Manufacturing liquid soap requires more chemical feedstocks and processing, resulting in approximately seven times more carbon emissions than bar soap production.
  • Reduced Use of Plastic: Hard soap uses less plastic packaging than liquid soap, and by using hard soap, you can reduce your plastic usage by 25%! Regardless of its application, liquid soap is always packaged in plastic bottles, meaning that even if these bottles are recycled, we still contribute significantly to our plastic waste cycles. Given Australia’s low plastic recycling rate of only 12%, using hard soap significantly reduces plastic waste.
  • Efficient Storage and Transportation: Hard soap is easier to store and transport, leading to fewer CO2 emissions. Bar soap can be efficiently packaged in stackable bars, while liquid soap often wastes space on shelves and in boxes. By opting for hard soap, you can reduce storage requirements and the amount of petrol needed for transportation.
  • Easy Recyclability: Hard soap bars are 100% recyclable and much easier to recycle than liquid. Liquid amenities require separate wastewater treatment and pose challenges in collection, storage, and transportation due to the variety of chemicals and substances involved. On the other hand, hard soap bars can be recycled efficiently, contributing to a more sustainable waste management system.
  • Water Conservation: Using hard soap promotes water conservation. Research has shown that people tend to use about 30% more water when washing their hands with liquid soap compared to bar soap. By encouraging the use of hard soap in your accommodation, you can help conserve water resources.

Hard soap bars provide better value for money:

  • Reduced Shipping Energy: Liquid soap is typically heavier than bar soap, resulting in increased energy requirements for shipping and logistics. Many businesses are transitioning to loose bars of soap to minimize waste and reduce costs associated with transportation.
  • Water Efficiency: The use of liquid soap by guests in paid accommodations is higher than that of hard soap. A study conducted by the Zurich Institute of Environmental Engineering revealed that washing hands with liquid soap requires over six times more product than using a single bar of soap. By providing hard soap to your guests, you can reduce consumption and save on costs.
  • Waste reduction: Research indicates that up to 95% of the plastic used in hotel rooms ends up in landfills, where it remains for hundreds of years.┬áBy choosing hard soap, you contribute to waste reduction and decrease garbage removal costs for your establishment. Additionally, using hard soap demonstrates your commitment to sustainable practices, enhancing your accountability to environmentally conscious guests.

Hard soap bars and your health:

  • Reduced Chemical Exposure: Hard soap uses fewer chemicals compared to liquid soap. Liquid soaps often require chemical preservatives like parabens and formaldehyde to prevent bacterial growth and maintain freshness.
  • Comparable Bacterial Safety: Liquid soap has been widely marketed as antibacterial since its introduction to the marketplace. However, a study conducted by the Dial Corporation in the early 1990s revealed that bacteria from a used bar of soap is not transferred to the skin, making it equally safe as liquid soap.

In addition to the numerous benefits mentioned above, one of the most compelling reasons for accommodation providers to choose hard soap bars is the potential to save lives through recycling. While hard soap is already a sustainable option from production to disposal, its impact can be extended even further. Instead of discarding leftover guest bars, they can be collected, processed into recycled bars, and distributed to communities in need, both within Australia and worldwide.

At Soap Aid, our Hotel to Hands Programme has played a pivotal role in recycling over 2.9 million bars of soap in the past few years. This initiative has had a significant impact on preventing diseases such as trachoma and pneumonia, ultimately leading to lives being saved. Remarkably, it is estimated that over 106,000 children’s lives have been preserved through this program alone.

By partnering with Soap Aid and adopting hard soap bars for your accommodation, you are making an environmentally responsible choice and actively participating in a life-saving cause.